Two-week Summer Course at Kobe University! (神戸大学)

I finally made it to Japan, for the first time! And I’m not disappointed.


The Pokéjet Project

I just finished a personal project centered around a Pokémon-themed aircraft livery by Japan’s renowned airline ANA and a free, open-source flight simulator.

Impressive Japan-themed flower carpet in Brussels

150 years. That’s how long Japan and Belgium have been in a diplomatic relationship, which is why this year’s bi-annual flower carpet on the Brussels Grand-Place was created with Japan in mind. A sight to behold on a plaza considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Impressive Mochi-making

Both an impressive performance and tradition, making traditional Japanese rice cake or mochi like this is quite something to be seen. Even some grannies master this skill. In rural Japan, many families gather when the New Year comes to make these mochi together and offer them to the kami to humbly ask for another prosperous year.