Impressive Japan-themed flower carpet in Brussels

150 years. That’s how long Japan and Belgium have been in a diplomatic relationship,¬†which is why¬†this year’s bi-annual flower carpet on the Brussels Grand-Place was created¬†with Japan in mind. A sight to behold on a plaza considered one of the¬†most beautiful in the world.

Discovering Koto & Shamisen

…or the sound of birds and dragons. Last Wednesday was a busy day, but in the evening my girlfriend and I finally enjoyed¬†dreaming away at¬†a¬†small,¬†but¬†very professional traditional Japanese music concert with shamisen,¬†koto and Japanese singing. In hindsight, it was wonderful.

Traditional Japanese Music Concert in Brussels

This Wednesday, a traditional Japanese music concert will take place in Brussels, Belgium. I’m very excited for this as I’m doing¬†Japanese Studies and simply out¬†of interest for traditional Japanese music. Admissions are free, but a reservation is¬†required. I’m expecting to see¬†koto,¬†shamisen, maybe also a¬†biwa (lute) or two… But we’ll see! I’ll probably write a short…