Beautiful Ghent

Mostly pictures in this post! If you plan to go to Belgium or if you’re here as an international student, you must visit Ghent, one of Belgium’s prettiest cities. Ghent is well-known for its big historical centre, with beautiful medieval buildings that are rich in history. I revisited┬áthe city last Sunday, when almost everything in…

The Best Ice Cream Experience?

Yesterday I went dorm-shopping in Leuven for the next academic year ÔÇöit went great, I got to reserve the dorm room of my dreams!ÔÇö after which my girlfriend, who kindly┬ájoined me on my quest, proposed to go eat some ice cream on a┬áboat. Because why not.

Discovering Koto & Shamisen

…or the sound of birds and dragons. Last Wednesday was a busy day, but in the evening my girlfriend and I finally enjoyed┬ádreaming away at┬áa┬ásmall,┬ábut┬ávery professional traditional Japanese music concert with shamisen,┬ákoto and Japanese singing. In hindsight, it was wonderful.

Impressive Mochi-making

Both an impressive performance and tradition, making traditional Japanese rice cake or mochi like this is quite something to be seen. Even some grannies master this skill. In rural Japan, many families gather when the New Year comes to make these mochi together and offer them to the kami to humbly ask for another prosperous year.