Beautiful Ghent

Mostly pictures in this post! If you plan to go to Belgium or if you’re here as an international student, you must visit Ghent, one of Belgium’s prettiest cities. Ghent is well-known for its big historical centre, with beautiful medieval buildings that are rich in history. I revisited the city last Sunday, when almost everything in Belgium is usually closed and life’s a little too calm… but Ghent was still lively with tourists (and I randomly shook hands with our nation’s last Prime Minister).

Listing all must-sees would make too long a list, so I’ll just highlight some of the buildings or places that stuck to me the most and let the pictures do most of the talking. As a bonus, I added some pictures of where I had lunch (spoiler: spare ribs!).

Left: the Gravensteen castle
Don’t be deceived by the Union Jack – this is still Ghent

Quick photography tip: Ghent’s beauty is much more difficult to capture when it’s cloudy and grey (which is sadly typically Belgian), because the general hue of most buildings proves to be a challenge for many cameras. Most cameras try to compensate for the beige in the buildings and the white in the sky, which makes pictures turn out too grey or too dark and the skies overexposed, as in the first picture. Going manual and tinkering with white balance, or simply waiting for fair weather might do much good to your photos. HDR can also do wonders.

Ride in a horse carriage, take some monochrome shots and make your friends at home believe you’ve gone back in time

Lunch time:

Amadeus – “The Place for Ribs”. Cosy, vintage and popular
Inside Amadeus
The ribs, a filled potato and some salad
Amadeus – interior
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