Traditional Japanese Music Concert in Brussels

This Wednesday, a traditional Japanese music concert will take place in Brussels, Belgium. I’m very excited for this as I’m doing Japanese Studies and simply out of interest for traditional Japanese music. Admissions are free, but a reservation is required. I’m expecting to see kotoshamisen, maybe also a biwa (lute) or two… But we’ll see! I’ll probably write a short review later on.


5 thoughts on “Traditional Japanese Music Concert in Brussels

  1. Hey! You came back buddy!
    Man I missed you.

    1. Really? 😀 Wow, thank you! That alone is a compliment in itself! I quickly went to take a look at what you’ve been doing while I was away from WordPress, and I liked two posts I read a lot:
      One was about you helping your little brother with his phone, and the other about lying on the roof and contemplating the clouds. Despite being a short text, it managed to take me away and feel an imaginative breeze around me… Especially since I feel like I’m drowning in work for college again, and I seem to be in need of some kind of escape. Beautiful short read 🙂 please write more of those (but no pressure of course!)

      1. Haha! Glad you like it! I took the blogging 101 again, and also writing 101 recently.
        And I can guess what college will be like. I graduated to 11th grade this summer, and turns out I bare have enough time to put up one post a week if I want to stay in track with schoolwork. That sucks 😦
        Stick around this time, ‘kay? And even if you can’t, then at least promise to come back. I thought you’d given up on this.
        And you changed the theme. O.o It looks good though. I tried this one once.It’s a bit of a mess during customization, but looks awsome if you do it right. 😀

      2. I noticed you took the 101 course again 🙂 I’m sure it’ll pay off since you seem so devoted, and I don’t think many people have the energy to retake such a course. It feels good to be back, but you’re right, I should stick around, so I’ll try! I want to achieve something with this. And thank you for what you said about the theme! I agree that it is a bit chaotic, but at the same time, that reflects who I am in a way ^^’ I tend to follow up on lots of unimportant small things, next to heavy subjects, such as those I have to study in college. It can be risky to lose focus that way… Anyway, I hope I’ll keep doing it right with the theme so you won’t be disappointed 😉

      3. Oh, you’re doing it right. Don’t worry 😉

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