Impressive Mochi-making


Both an impressive performance and tradition, making traditional Japanese rice cake or mochi like this is quite something to be seen. Even some grannies master this skill. In rural Japan, many families gather when the New Year comes to make these mochi together and offer them to the kami to humbly ask for another prosperous year.


2 thoughts on “Impressive Mochi-making

  1. I can see why this is a skill. My hands would probably be bloated if I tried. :p

  2. I saw these guys working when I went to Nara! The shop, called “Nakatanidou” 中谷堂 is famous for its “yomogi mochi”蓬餅, made by mixing rice and mugwort (this is what you see in the video). The mochi then is filled with coarse sweet bean jam. Really delicious!

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